Alex Chinneck: Take my lightning but don’t steal my thunder

Media Partnership / Designers in Residence 2014

Join us for a night of disruption-themed talks at London’s Design Museum

Disruption is a term that has a checkered recent history, but there’s no denying is a powerful cultural concept. When Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic chose it as the theme for this year’s Designers in Residence, he was at pains to point out it’s an idea that has come to be misunderstood. Now as part of our broadcast partnership with the exhibition, we’re hosting an evening of talks featuring creatives whose work is built on some form of disruption.

Joining us will be artist Alex Chinneck, who recently took over Covent Garden plaza with his extraordinary levitating building and Visual Editions founders Anna Gerber and Britt Iversen whose publications challenge our expectations of what books could and should be.

We’ll also be welcoming Hefin Jones, founder of The Welsh Space Campaign which imagines a very different future for Wales’ traditional industries and Miriam Elia, whose recent show explored “parody, piracy and pastiche.”

The event takes place on Tuesday 9 December and tickets cost £14, including entry to the show and free beer courtesy of Peroni – they are available here.


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Alex Chinneck: Take my lightning but don’t steal my thunder