Marina Willer: Feet, Like Cars for Do The Green Thing (detail)

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Host of top design figures putting their creativity to impressive set of eco posters

One of my favourite cartoons was always Captain Planet, an early 1990s eco superhero who, in possibly the least cool sung tagline ever, promised to “take pollution down to zero.” I was reminded of the Captain this weekend when I saw this great new project from the Do the Green Thing organisation, and not just because it too is taking a different approach to engaging people with environmentalism. Also like Captain Planet, it features a roster of top design figures combining their powers into a greater whole, with Naresh Ramchandani calling in favours not only from a host of his Pentagram pals – the likes of Angus Hyland, Marina Willer, Michael Bierut and Emily Oberman – but also creative figures like Patrick Cox and Google’s Tom Uglow.

Do The Green Things is releasing 23 posters over the coming days to highlight the Earth Hour movement and to show that creativity is a powerful tool against climate change, “to inspire, seduce, provoke and persuade people to do things that they otherwise would not have considered,” as Naresh puts it. And Patrick Cox praised the movement’s ability to “to stay away from the earnest do-goodery of the green movement” saying: "They that know a dig, joke or nudge is way more effective than another photo of a polar bear.”

Everyone is sure to have their favourites but for me Marina’s contribution is my pick of the bunch so far – especially like the tag line “Feet –like cars only better.”


Angus Hyland: Fifty Shades of Green for Do The Green Thing


Emily Oberman: Get Tappy for Do The Green Thing


Michael Bierut: Cut Your Shower Short for Do The Green Thing


Dan and Rachel: Enjoy Responsibly for Do The Green Thing


Harry Pearce: Learn To Use Your Feet for Do The Green Thing


Joe Stephenson: Stand-by Lights Are Evil for Do The Green Thing


Tom Uglow: When You Walk for Do The Green Thing


Pete Fowler: Plug Out for Do The Green Thing


Marina Willer: Feet, Like Cars for Do The Green Thing