Dominic Wilcox: The Sounds of Making in East London

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Dominic Wilcox marks London 2012 by capturing the sounds of makers’ studios

The studio-visit style feature has become an established feature of creatively minded websites and publications, so much so that Rick Poynor recently wrote an excellent piece exploring our apparent hunger for glimpses into others’ work spaces.

The upshot of this phenomenon has been a certain staleness so it’s always interesting to see someone tackling it in a different way. As part of the Alternative Olympic Souvenirs commissioned by Create London, the ever-innovative Dominic Wilcox has produced a record capturing the sounds of various east London makers at work.

With 21 subjects ranging from poets to prop designers, beigel bakers to bell-makers, Dominic has not only captured the creative energy that is such a feature of east London, but has also refreshed a familiar format in an interesting and engaging way. Dominic also took some nice photos during the recording sessions and hand-illustrated the album sleeve because he’s a jolly good bloke.


Dominic Wilcox: The Sounds of Making in East London


Dominic Wilcox:: Whitechapel Bell Foundry


Dominic Wilcox:: Illustrator Claire Mallison


Dominic Wilcox: Lyric poet John Hegley


Dominic Wilcox: Beigel Bake


Dominic Wilcox: Prop maker Charlotte Austen