DR.ME: Happy Accidents (detail)

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New show curated by DR.ME studio explores happy creative accidents with really interesting results

Ok picture the scene. You’re at home making a delicious chilli con carne when you absent-mindedly add something weird like Marmite and you think you’ve ruined EVERYTHING. But wait! When you go to taste this foodie Frankenstein it turns out to be utterly delicious!

Well a new show opening in New York this week explores the phenomenon of the happy accident in a creative context. Curated by awesome Manchester-based studio DR.ME, it features artists and designers including Daniel Eatock, Linus Bill and MVM, all of whom have submitted work which is the result of something unexpected.

It’s a lovely idea for a show and although the range of creatives involved means the work is naturally diverse, it’s fun to consider the common DNA that links them all.

Happy Accidents runs from October 6 until October 31 at 983 Dean Street in Brooklyn. It is part of the Wandering Around Wondering programme.


Benjamin Rawson: Happy Accidents


Linus Bill: Happy Accidents


MVM: Happy Accidents


Sebastian Haslauer: Happy Accidents


DR.ME: Happy Accidents


Happy Accidents poster