Jon Burgerman: Girl with rosy cheeks

Work / Illustration

Jon Burgerman’s Drawings of girls I’ve seen on Tumblr does what it says on the tin

Before you think this is some snide, acidic response to the reams and reams of girls doing selfies on Tumblr, it’s not. It’s the new project of nice man and illustrator Jon Burgerman. We don’t know much about his selection process, but he’s basically just taken classic Tumblr shots of girls, with Harry Styles, with a handbag, doing a mirror shot, wearing an ironic jumper etc. etc. and he’s drawn them in luminous, fun colours. Once he’s selected a girl and drawn her portrait he then puts it back on to Tumblr to create a cycle of internet content. It’s so great, isn’t it, the internet, it’s just full of good stuff like this.


Jon Burgerman: Girl wearing a knitted Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson top.


Jon Burgerman: Girl from a handbag advertisement.


Jon Burgerman: Clarissa Explains it All


Jon Burgerman: Two Girls Smoking


Jon Burgerman: A girl with Harry Styles


Jon Burgerman: Girl with pink flamingo.