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Dumb Ways To Die promotes public safety with wit and charm

It’s fair to say that most of the time public safety information tends to be hectoring, patronising or just plain dull, so it’s great to see a different, and much more interesting approach. Melbourne Metro wanted to point out that mindboggling acts of stupidity on and around their network could have fatal consequences and so McCann turned to musician Ollie McGill and animator Julian Frost for this maddeningly memorable little ditty called Dumb Ways To Die.

What’s great is that although at the end it comes round to addressing the core concerns of the train company, for the first two and a half minutes it’s a cavalcade of increasingly bizarre death scenes featuring everything from rattlesnakes to space travel, all animated with a charm that belies the dark subject matter. All together now..


Dumb Ways To Die (still)


Dumb Ways To Die (still)


Dumb Ways To Die (still)