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Dyson Hot

Come in clunky old heaters – your time is up. Sir James Dyson has already changed the game with vacuum cleaners, hand dryers and fans, and the stylish, safe Dyson Hot – launched in London yesterday – is likely to do the same to the heating market. Building on the technology of the bladeless fan, it promises to heat rooms quickly and evenly with no weird burning smell. By George, he’s done it again.

The Dyson Hot took 22 engineers nearly three years to develop and perfect, and as always with a Dyson product you can see the problems it is designed to solve.

The patented Air Multiplier technology helps heat a room as a whole rather than in patches, it can be set to precise temperatures (which on reaching it turns itself off so it can be left on overnight), the ceramic stone heating system is odourless and means the exposed parts of the heater are not scalding to the touch, and it switches itself off if it’s knocked over.

As energy bills continue to climb, Dyson thinks it has come up with a viable alternative to central heating, and, of course, it looks sleek too. Oh, and it also works as a fan.

Tom Crawford, head of development in Dyson’s environmental control category, said: “There are many fan heaters on the market but there are many problems with them. This is a great opportunity to improve on their performance. It was not as simple as it sounds – we had to go back to basics. There is a big difference between cooling people down and heating an entire room.”