Work / Here 2016

Documenting the creative industries and their biggest names at Here 2016

Our annual creative conference Here London was almost a whole month ago, when speakers including Wilfrid Wood, Richard Turley, Malika Favre and Yolanda Domìnguez imparted their words of wisdom on all things creative. Filmmaker Ed Andrews documented the day with a superb short film that reveals exclusive insights from the speakers, and thoughts from delegates including MagCulture’s Jeremy Leslie about their day, and the creative industries more generally.

Ed was briefed to “capture the full experience of Here London, both inside and outside of the auditorium, documenting the activities, the space and the atmosphere of the event,” It’s Nice That art director Ali Hanson says.

The film builds on our series of articles How I Got Here, in which the speakers discussed their working processes and how they got to where they are today.