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World famous skate photographer Ed Templeton on his life and work

If you’re not familiar with the work of Ed Templeton, go away, Google him for a bit, then come back. Maybe now is not the time to go into a full-scale rant about how spectacular this man is, but it’s relevant to point people in the direction of this beautiful film that Leica have produced, featuring a captivatingly candid interview with Templeton who, naturally, uses said camera to produce his world-famous, stripped back images.

Leica have done this interview remarkably well. As well as politely shadowing Ed on his walks around the streets of California (much to the joy of his fans that litter the streets), Leica have also asked Ed some insightful questions about his work and then actually let him speak – something that does not always happen in quick, video interviews. The result is a poignant and honest look into what Ed is about, why he does what he does, and the joy of simple, no-frills photography. Read the full transcribe of the interview on the Leica blog then start saving up for that all important Leica.