Eda Akultun: Drive


Eda Akultun: The Artist


Eda Akultun: The Descendants


Eda Akultun: The Help


Eda Akultun: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy


Eda Akultun: The ticket for male attendees


Eda Akultun: The ticket for female attendees

Work / Illustration

Eda Akaltun: BAFTA 2012 Illustrations

In the post BAFTA glow – with the great and good of showbusiness either polishing the famous statuettes along with their egos or telling any entertainment hack that it’s the Oscars that really count – three cheers for Eda Akaltun. The terrifically-talented Turkish-born, London-based illustrator landed the much sought-after commission to represent the five best film nominations (Drive, The Artist, The Help, The Descendants and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and create the tickets for British film’s big night. With elegant restraint she has managed to capture the spirit of each movie with confidence, style and poise. Bravo Eda!