Edith Carron: Illustration for Revue XXI

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Presenting Edith Carron’s wonderful coloured pencil editorial illustration

How’s this for a delightful collection of images? Edith Carron is a French illustrator who has been working out of Berlin for the past seven years, and her portfolio comprises a beguiling combination of fun, socially-conscious and mischievous themes delivered in coloured pencil and print. And it’s fantastic. So much so, in fact, that The New York Times, Zeit Campus Magazin and Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin are only three from a client list longer than we care to count who have commissioned Edith to make first-rate work, including this wonderful cover for Revue Citrus, depicting two male footballers in a loving embrace before their fans. Edith also generously posts a collection of personal work in her Journal, in which she takes snapshots from everyday life and makes them look like something out of a technicolour children’s book-inspired dream. What a treat.


Edith Carron: Football, Cover Illustration for Revue Citrus


Edith Carron: Illustration for Revue XXI


Edith Carron: Illustration for Revue XXI


Edith Carron: Journal


Edith Carron: Supertaster for Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazine


Edith Carron: Spread illustration for Finger weg vom Handy for Zeit Campus


Edith Carron: Journal


Edith Carron: Journal