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An editor’s letter for your October-y troubles? Sure thing good-looking!

Come on then October – let’s be having you. That’s right we’re not messing about now the chilly depths of autumn are rushing towards us faster than an angry cat rushes towards a delicious fish supper.

And rather than using October as an excuse to wind down for the year, au contraire we’re stepping things right up. First of all our podcast is back in a new format starting THIS WEEK. We’ve tweaked the way we do things and brought in some fresh INT talent to help deliver something we hope really fits with our creativity-championing mantra.

Also this week we are introducing our opinion pieces, where we take a weekly look at an issue surrounding the creative industries. These articles will be opened for comments for a week so you can chime in and agree, disagree or indeed agree to disagree depending on your mood. We’re really excited about this new direction for the site and hope you’ll join us for the ride!

As subscribers now know the next magazine will be appearing in March next year to give us the chance to maximise the potential of the publication you know and love. We’ve got some big plans for its triumphant return and we’ll keep you up-to-date with the progress as it starts to take shape. This hiatus is why our shop is currently unavailable but again it’ll be back, so we’ll keep you posted.

A massive thanks to everyone who came along to our Here event at The Royal Geographical Society a couple of weeks ago (you can read a review here) and to the speakers who did such a tremendous job sharing their insightful and inspirational tips. We were completely thrilled with the day and the lovely feedback we’ve received since.

Our next event takes place in December and we’ll be releasing LOTS more details shortly so keep your eyes peeled.

And that’s that. It’s an honour as ever to have you on board.