Edward McKnight Kauffer: Aeroshell (detail)

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Prolific advertising artist Edward McKnight Kauffer’s posters up for auction

How’s this for some poster porn to brighten up a gloomy day? A collection of posters by American-born, Britain-based advertising poster artist Edward McKnight Kauffer is to go on sale at auction Christie’s this week, giving us as good an excuse as ever to revisit his fascinating archive of work. Living from 1890 until 1954, the artist’s career spanned a pivotal period in the advertising industry in Britain, allowing him to apply abstract, Futurist, Cubist, Impressionist influences to the designs he created for clients including Shell Mex and the London Underground, among others. Find out more about Christies’ penchant for poster design here.


Edward McKnight Kauffer: Play Between 6 and 12


Edward McKnight Kauffer: Winter Sales


Edward McKnight Kauffer: Shop Between 10 and 4


Edward McKnight Kauffer" Power: The Nerve centre of London’s Underground


Edward McKnight Kauffer: Aeroshell