Eleanor Crow: E. Pellicci, Bethnal Green Rd

Work / Illustration

Illustrator Eleanor Crow captures east London’s cafes with charm and skill

Us Brits are often contrasted unfavourably with our continental counterparts as regards our cafe culture, but illustrator Eleanor Crow has shown that east London has an eatery scene to be proud of. She has lovingly drawn the diverse array of establishments – from tea shops to snack bars – in this part of the world and imbued each with a real sense of character reflecting their individual identities. And with some great lettering on display it’s a particular treat for anyone of a design bent, as well as anyone who respects a decent cup of tea.


Eleanor Crow: Syd’s Coffee Stall, Shoreditch High St


Eleanor Crow: Savoy, Norton Folgate


Eleanor Crow: Paga Cafe, Lea Bridge Rd


Eleanor Crow: Copper Grill, Eldon St


Eleanor Crow: Savoy Cafe, Graham Rd


Eleanor Crow: Cafe Bliss, Dalston Lane


Eleanor Crow: Arthur’s Cafe, Kingsland Rd