Matt: General Election 2015 cartoon

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On the hunt for the most engaging cartoons for today’s General Election

It’s election day here in the UK and so shrouded in uncertainty is its outcome that we’re going to the polls without really any clue about what we might wake up to tomorrow. God bless democracy! We thought it would be interesting to see how cartoonists have covered the campaign but to be totally honest it was a struggle to find that much to get excited about. Too often key players and recurring themes were reduced to glib stereotypes – at best spectacularly unfunny and at worst patronising, sexist and xenophobic.

The Telegraph’s Matt was head and shoulders above the rest, focussing on the public’s reactions – confusion, boredom, cynicism– which contrast so sharply the frenzy of the over-orchestrated campaigns. There’s a few other examples that struck a chord and raised a smile – I particularly like the piss-up/brewery offering from Steve Bell –but we’ll be keen to see if the general standard is higher over the next few days.


Matt: General Election 2015 cartoon


Matt: General Election 2015 cartoon


Matt: General Election 2015 cartoon


Steve Bell: General Election 2015 cartoon


Dave Brown: General Election 2015 cartoon


The Spectator: General Election 2015 cartoon


The Spectator: General Election 2015 cartoon


Martin Rowson: General Election 2015 cartoon