Elizabeth Atterbury: After HB

Work / Art

Seriously good still-life nature vibes from artist Elizabeth Atterbury

Now this is beautiful! A lot of people are chucking detritus on to coloured backgrounds these days, so it comes as a real refreshing surprise when an artist like Elizabeth Atterbury comes along and shows the world how it’s done.

In these meticulous compositions, inspired by curious aspects of nature, Elizabeth combines her brilliant collage and photography work to make art. As well as turning these little arrangements of sweet objects into photography, Elizabeth also turns them into mini-installations which look so, so great in a gallery. Have a browse through her website, then go and dig out those rocks and shells you’ve had for a few years and do something creative with them. I know what I’m doing this evening!


Elizabeth Atterbury: Demo


Elizabeth Atterbury: Volunteer


Elizabeth Atterbury: Brown Frown Clown


Elizabeth Atterbury: Sculpture Park


Elizabeth Atterbury: Purple Waves


Elizabeth Atterbury: Bucket of Parts


Elizabeth Atterbury: Mask