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Wonderfully shot portraits of the stars from Elizabeth Weinberg

It’s been five years since we last featured Los Angeles-based photographer Elizabeth Weinberg and her work is stronger and more beautiful than ever. Her portraiture and ability to tell a story even in her commercial projects is wonderful and it’s clear Elizabeth’s background in photojournalism has helped in unmasking her subjects.

Most recently, the photographer has been working with The New York Times to photograph stars like Selena Gomez, Michael B. Jordan, Saoirse Ronan and Miranda July. But regardless of who she’s photographing, whether it’s a celebrity, model or just someone who caught her eye, Elizabeth manages to convey a warmth, personality and narrative within each image.


Elizabeth Weinberg: Selena Gomez, The New York Times


Elizabeth Weinberg: Miranda July, The New York Times


Elizabeth Weinberg: Miranda July, The New York Times


Elizabeth Weinberg: Saoirse Ronan, The New York Times


Elizabeth Weinberg: Ruby Rose, Rhapsody Magazine


Elizabeth Weinberg: Devendra Banhart, Harper’s Bazaar Germany


Elizabeth Weinberg: David O Russell, The New York Times


Elizabeth Weinberg: Michael B Jordan, The New York Times


Elizabeth Weinberg: Carly Rae Jepsen, The New York Times