Emiliano Ponzi: Paradis avant Liquidation for le Monde

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Excellent new editorial illustration from Emiliano Ponzi

Emiliano Ponzi, the cheeky fella behind the Bukowski book covers that we covered back in January, is back with more editorial illustration to add to his roster. Creating images for magazines and newspapers from Italy to the U.S., Emiliano’s work sums up stories succinctly and with the heavy dose of satire that has come to be his signature, using symbolic landscapes and representative imagery to gently mock societal institutions. And all the while his mastery of graphic shapes and composition allows his work to stand alone as individual pieces too. Editorial illustration is not an easy beast to tame, but Emiliano has it sitting, begging and barking on cue.


Emiliano Ponzi: Les Perroquets de la Place d’Arezzo for the New York times


Emiliano Ponzi: Requiem for the new York Times


Emiliano Ponzi: Who Owns the Graffiti? For La Repubblica


Emiliano Ponzi: Limit for La Repubblica


Emiliano Ponzi: Before You Go for the Los Angeles Times


Emiliano Ponzi: Paradis avant Liquidation for le Monde