Laura Bird: Zig Zag Jar on Etsy

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Another dimension: the illustrators making covetable 3D products

It’s an assured artist that can take their 2D illustrative artworks and bring the same personality into 3D products. Yet there’s a niche of artists on Etsy who are doing just that. Illustrators with a flair for expression, colour and form, who have made their artworks leap from the page into a plethora of covetable products, extending their creative world into multiple dimensions.


Charlotte Mei: Ceramic Selfie


Charlotte Mei: Coy plate

Charlotte Mei

On paper, Charlotte Mei’s creations are packed with character. Her paintings feature spirited brushstrokes and a bold use of negative space, as well as unusual perspective and a playful finesse of composition. This translates seamlessly to her brilliant ceramics, available on her Etsy shop, which have the same bustling energy and lovable characters, for example her Coy plate, Toast plate and Ceramic Selfie.


Laura Bird: Lilac Haired Jar


Laura Bird: Yellow Haired Jar

Laura Bird

Laura has been smashing it (pardon the pun) when it comes to ceramics for a number of years now. Her work just seems to get increasingly better and sophisticated, while maintaining its sense of humour, in particular her most recent range of jars. Fusing simple geometric shapes, beautiful glazes and fantastic faces, the collection – including Yellow Haired Jar, Zig Zag jar and Lilac Haired Jar – epitomises the irreverence of contemporary ceramics.


Fleur de Carotte: Frida Kahlo ring


Fleur de Carotte: Face ring

Fleur de Carotte

Fleur de Carotte, real name Amandine, is a French artist based in Brighton. She dabbles in all sorts, from screenprinting to sewing, but her Etsy shop is an outlet for her jewellery and accessories. Amid the range are ceramic rings hand-painted with faces, and they show just how much character can shine through with the simplest of gestures. We particularly like the freckled face with its eyes closed, and the Frida Kahlo ring, complete with flowered headband and powerful brow.