Eun Jeong Yoo blends abstraction and photorealism in a playful and surreal way

Keychains, glass and ornaments shimmer and move in a joyful rhythm as the Seoul-based artist gives them another life in the digital realm.

4 September 2023

Eun Jeong Yoo has a way of bringing greater vividity to everyday objects and setups. Working with 3D art most of the time, she incorporates a photorealistic aesthetic with abstract storytelling to bring ornaments, keepsakes and personal belongings to life. “I love playing with random abstract shapes to create a playful chaos,” she tells us.

After years of living in New York, studying fine art and illustration, as well as working for fashion advertising agencies and brands, she has become well versed in the world of illustrative visuals. Now living in Seoul, these 2D elements are embedded in the fabric of her process, where collage, pattern making and drawing are integral techniques that she uses to create her 3D models. She takes inspiration from abstract artists such as Henri Matisse, Mark Rothko and Cy Twombly for their ability to communicate visual depth without words or figurative accuracy. “We’re in the digital age and it’s a time that’s worlds apart from that artistic era. I try to incorporate all that they do, but 3D artworks will always fascinate me because of their vast potential.”


Eun Jeong Yoo: Charms (Copyright © Eun Jeong Yoo)


Eun Jeong Yoo: Patterns 2 (Copyright © Eun Jeong Yoo)


Eun Jeong Yoo: Mobile Night 2 (Copyright © Eun Jeong Yoo)


Eun Jeong Yoo: Mobile Day (Copyright © Eun Jeong Yoo)


Eun Jeong Yoo: Mobiles (Copyright © Eun Jeong Yoo)


Eun Jeong Yoo: Mobiles (Copyright © Eun Jeong Yoo)


Eun Jeong Yoo: Dinner Table (Copyright © Eun Jeong Yoo)


Eun Jeong Yoo: Greeting Collage (Copyright © Eun Jeong Yoo)

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Eun Jeong Yoo: Chain with Patterns (Copyright © Eun Jeong Yoo)

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