Eun Ji Ryu: A Room of One’s Own

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Art: Eun Ji Ryu conjures up a weird painted wonderland

How’s this for a platter full of surrealist artwork to tuck right into? Eun Ji Ryu’s abstract paintings call up notions of weird wonderlands and graphic art inspired landscapes, and with two of these very unique paintings named “Living Room” I can barely contain my curiosity as to what Eun’s house might look like. Just to add to my already inquisitive mind, the series is called Gaze Inside raising all kinds of interesting questions about interiority, visual architecture and the like.

While I harbour my questions, sit back and let yourself fall eyes first into these lovely compositions with mountains, palm trees, a solitary leg and plenty of weirdly wiggly textiles all flashing past you like a slightly odd collage of painted shapes.


Eun Ji Ryu: A Room of One’s Own


Eun Ji Ryu: Ghost


Eun Ji Ryu:


Eun Ji Ryu: Man and Swimming


Eun Ji Ryu: Somewhere in the Deep Forest


Eun Ji Ryu: The Living Room


Eun Ji Ryu: The Living Room


Eun Ji Ryu: Untitled