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Exclusive look at Eva Weber’s beautiful film of east London at night

With the London Olympics now just a few weeks away we are gearing up for the city to be feted in all its technicolour glory – as a vibrant and diverse counterpoint to its stereotypically traditional reputation. But in Eva Weber’s new film Night, Peace commissioned by Create and premiering at the Barbican tonight we see east London in the dead of night, quiet, still and undeniably beautiful. This exclusive clip gives a flavour of the meditative quality of Eva’s work, an unhurried, textured look at the city as it sleeps from a filmmaker whose previous work has included an oddly seductive look at cranes.

The other films in the programme include a piece Paul Kelly made with Saint Etienne in the Lea Valley and Michael Smith and Wojciech Duczmal’s exploration of how the individual relates to the metropolis. All those involved deserve credit for an ambitious programme that engages with London on a much deeper level than the picture postcard part its due to play this summer.