Graham McCallum: Dog

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Exhibition: A retrospective of legendary BBC creative Graham McCallum

Why is it that you can’t remember what you had for lunch yesterday but you can remember the TV graphics and theme tunes that you saw when you were about five? It takes years to actually realise that the reason those images that stuck in your mind and refused to leave was because of their catchy, skilful design by talented folk back in the day. Those designers don’t tend to be lauded in the public eye too much, but this exhibition at London’s Kemistry Gallery takes one particularly special man and puts him on the pedestal he deserves.

Graham began working for the BBC back in 1966 and spent fifty years providing the British public with fantastic, cheerful graphic design for much-lved TV shows such as Jackanory. In 1986 Graham set up his own agency with other BBC creatives John Kennedy and Paul D’Auria before then setting up Kemistry itself with Ricky Churchill in 1997. Exhibiting in his own turf, this is more of a celebration of a spectacular career rather than an exhibition and is a must-see for any designer or illustrator. See an interview with Graham in the video below.


Graham McCallum: Blackadder


Graham McCallum: First ever redesigned BBC2 Logo


Graham McCallum: Graham


Graham McCallum: The Man Who Knew Too Little


Graham McCallum: Mogal Thrash


Graham McCallum: Dog