Kids of Dada: Kids of Dada Exhibition Judges Jake and Dinos Chapman

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Exhibition: New Kids of Dada exhibition showcases London’s freshest artistic talent

As a successful artist, it’s almost your duty to take younger, fresher creative minds under your wing and lead them in the right direction to artistic stardom. Such is the nature of this new exhibition in London’s Hoxton Gallery, which looks to pair some of the country’s brightest fine art talents with some of its most legendary.

UP&COMING is a four day event which aims to showcase brand new artistic talent, the work of which will be judged by artists such as Jake & Dinos Chapman, Polly Morgan, Tim Noble and Sue Webster and others. The work will be on display at the gallery from 14 March to 16 March 2014 and will feature Kids of Dada’s Signed by the Artist collection: a limited edition, fine art-inspired fashion collection that “combines contemporary artworks and innovative design to produce unique and individual fashion pieces.” read more about the event over on the Facebook page.

UP&COMING is at Hoxton Gallery from 14 March to 16 March 2014.


Kids of Dada: Kids of Dada Exhibition Judges Tim Noble and Sue Webster


Kids of Dada: Kate Woods – Double River, 2010


Kids of Dada: James Dawe – Bone Structure, 2012.


Kids of Dada: Steven Marshall – Wastelands, 2013


Kids of Dada: Lindsay Keys: Untitled, 2011.


Kids of Dada: David Ben White – homemaking 3, 2012


Kids of Dada: UP&COMING Exhibition