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Exhibition: Old cigarette packets turned into football kits

When I think of football in the 80s I think of the smell of freshly mowed turf, steaming styrofoam cups and old sheepskin coats with packets of Pall Mall tucked inside. Football and smoking kind of go together in a weird way, a similar vibe you really only get when you step into a classic British pub and get that first whiff of stale booze slap bang in your face. Leo Fitzmaurice has picked up on that, and has taken the really quite beautifully designed fag packets of yore and turned them into instantly recognisable football kits. It’s a simple, effective comment on the specific addiction many of us have to sport, and the infinitive nature of competition year after year.

POST MATCH 1999 – ONWARDS is on show at Gallery S O London until 26th January 2014


Leo Fitzmaurice: Blue Master blue


Leo Fitzmaurice:


Leo Fitzmaurice: Canton Bay


Leo Fitzmaurice: Marlboro black


Leo Fitzmaurice: Untitled Chinese