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12 March 2019
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Fabrik is a portfolio website builder created specifically for creatives to showcase their work. With an intuitive dashboard, the platform allows creatives to exhibit their work in an accessible and innovative way. Whatever the cause, Fabrik’s unique customisation tools strengthen an artwork to shine through on the web. As Fabrik’s founder Tim Jarvis puts it, “With Fabrik, you never start with a blank page – your portfolio is already built and waiting for you to add your content.”

Founded by an inventive team of London-based designers, developers and filmmakers, Fabrik sets itself apart with easy-to-use customising and versatile design functions to suit the individual style of each creative. As the portfolio site is already built, Fabrik’s users can immediately start to upload their content through a variety of media services, “going from zero to launch-ready in minutes. And you can actually build an entire portfolio site from your phone.” On-hand to support the site’s users, the creatives behind Fabrik are personally available to share their technical and creative advice to curate each folio to its fullest.

It’s Nice That has scoured hundreds of creatives already using Fabrik. We selected our favourite sites that utilise Fabrik’s platform to elevate their individual portfolios in a manner that suits their work best.


Ariel Palanzone: Fabrik site

Ariel Palanzone

Art director and 3D designer Ariel Palanzone needed a website that could host his diverse portfolio of hyper-real animations and sleekly art-directed campaigns. With a number of major projects for big clients, including 3D designs for La Liga as well as an animation for the 2018 Russia World Cup, the creative’s personalised portfolio site suits his interdisciplinary practice. As a lot of his work consists of highly detailed renderings, his website features large-scale images framed by white open space to direct the viewer’s eye towards the computer generated work. The homepage uses Fabrik’s spotlight layout, where differently sized thumbnails give the projects a clear hierarchy. Within each project, large high-definition images provide more detail, while the constant presence of the sidebar allows for simple navigation through all of Ariel’s projects.


Elliott Wilcox: Fabrik site

Elliott Wilcox

The London-based photographer Elliott Wilcox has been the recipient of several accolades, including a Judges Award at the Nikon Discovery Awards and a New York Photo Award. Known for his candid portrait photography that manages to catch his subjects in mid-moment poses and expressions, Elliot has also exhibited internationally and has even taken part in the BBC series School of Saatchi. His customised portfolio site is pared back to maximise focus on the photography. Headed by understated typography, Elliot’s site uses a thumbnail layout that evenly spaces columns to complement the shape of each portrait.


Esther Lalanne: Fabrik site

Esther Lalanne

Esther Lalanne is a London-based illustrator and designer. Full of expressive characters and bright splashes of colour, her work is bursting with life and highly commissionable. For Esther’s portfolio site, built on Fabrik, the homepage features small thumbnails of all of her work. This uniform overview of her portfolio summarises her working style for potential clients, demonstrating her range of skills. The site also foregrounds the variety in her work, encompassing editorial work, animation design and film direction. It’s worth noting that this kind of site is useful for emerging freelance creatives looking to show off what they have to offer and to gain new commissions.


Us: Fabrik site


Us, a directing duo comprised of Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor, met while studying graphic design at Kingston University. They collaborated on their first music video for Thom Yorke while studying and that film ended up winning first place at the D&AD Student Awards. Since then, the duo has gone on to direct videos for the likes of Apple, Airbnb, Ikea, Nike and many more. Their highly polished work predominantly takes the form of music videos and advertisements and, in turn, their Fabrik website is formatted around the dimensions of their films. Framed by an off-white backdrop that cushions the cinematic shots, their site features punchy sentences of small serif text that is typeset along the bottom of each page, reminiscent of the credits at the bottom of a film poster.


Brest Brest Brest: Fabrik site

Brest Brest Brest

The graphic design collective Brest Brest Brest was founded in 2009 by Arnaud Jarsaillon, Rémy Poncet and Loris Pernoux. The designers are dedicated to working within the cultural sector, collaborating from three different regions of France to deliver a unified vision of arts-based graphic design. Importantly, their site places no emphasis on the individual designer, focusing on the overall collective voice, which also reflects their non-hierarchal design ethos. While the grid-based website offsets the designers’ playful style, it also offers a coherent structure to the concept-driven work that focuses on their shared interest in graphic design.

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