Faif: Graffiti Podium

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Elusive street artist Faif makes clever digs at the art scene in his sarcastic works

If no one can find anything about you on the internet, then you’re pretty much a nobody. It’s so easy to get on it – just join Facebook, start a Tumblr or write a Harry Potter fanfiction and there you are, gleaming in bold type on the Google results page. But there are exceptions to this rule as street artist Faif demonstrates by having great, insightful work but very little about him in cyberspace which, when writing about him makes it very difficult. We know he’s male and from Barcelona, his works are mainly on the street and that’s about it.

But biographical info aside, Faif’s work is sarcastic, cheeky and well-executed. He makes jibes at the art world, street art and pop culture and it’s work that addresses the genre it’s in, by suggesting street artists shouldn’t take what they do so seriously. So while we may not know a lot about this guy, the only thing we really need to know is that he’s extremely good and we want to see more, more, more.


Faif: Cardinal Rap Caps


Faif: Untitled


Faif: Untitled


Faif: Untitled


Faif: Untitled