Fantastic Factology: Online map close-up

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Fantastic Factology brings some humdinger trivia to the Olympic Park

With the imminent arrival of all things in Olympic here in London comes a raft of cultural and creative projects launching to coincide with the games. As you’d expect they range from the fascinating and fabulous to those with, shall we say, less obvious merit. We’re only concerned with the cream of the crop though and it was just over 12 months ago when we interviewed the team behind Fantastic Factology. The brainchild of The Klassnik Corporation, Riitta Ikonen and We Made That, FF brings a little mental wow-factor to this celebration of muscle by installing community-sourced facts on a series of benches around the Olympic Park.

Ranging from metaphysics to the 300 Mongolian words for horse it’s a truly eclectic selection, showcased brilliantly by Europa’s gorgeous website which allows you to jump around the project from the comfort of your own computer screen.


Fantastic Factology: Installation Shot


Fantastic Factology: Interactive Map


Fantastic Factology: Installation Shot