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Fashion: A blog of British style via the memories of the public

It’s sad these days to walk around the streets of the United Kingdom and see so few people wearing real statement items of clothing that define their interests. And I don’t mean someone on the Kingsland Road wearing an M&S bag as a dress, I mean real uniforms of taste like the old days. This blog, What We Wore, allows members of the public to submit photographs of themselves in their glory days wearing pieces of clothing they feel defined them at the time. From the guy who wore love beads in the 90s because they were “compulsory” to the girl who didn’t feel her crop-top outfit was complete without Tommy Girl perfume, all these stories are funny, touching and reminiscent of people who just wanted to have fun and be cool.


What We Wore: “In 1992, I was 16 and a shoe-gazer. Love beads were essential if you were part of the early nineties shoe-gaze scene, it didn’t matter if you were a boy or girl the beads were compulsory.”


What We Wore: “Queens of JJ’S Clapham, 1978.”


What We Wore: “These first two pictures show me in 1981, the one below just before I had a skinhead and the one above after.”


What We Wore: “I was always mad about fashion from an early age and couldn’t wait to have a say in what I wore – I remember aged 12 and buying my first own choice top which was a multi coloured web top.”


What We Wore: “This is me some time in the mid 1980’s outside a pub in Canterbury called The Bishops Finger. I have lots of good memories hanging out in Canterbury with my long time friend Wayne Bean.”


What We Wore: “On the day this was taken, I was most probably going to the park at the end of my road to try and hang out with my brother and his friends at the basketball court.”