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A cookbook inspired by Brad Pitt’s on-screen eating habits

“Brad Pitt is a beautiful eater,” said an unnamed member of the It’s Nice That team as we opened Fat Brad, a new cookbook inspired by the movie star. Fat Brad – The Cookbook is, according to the publisher Long Prawn, “a definitive exploration into the on-screen eating habits of William Bradley “Brad” Pitt. Part fan fantasy, part filmic study, Fat Brad meticulously reimagines the best scenes where Brad chomps.”

Pitt’s on-screen persona and physique were of great interest to the authors. “We loved the brilliant disparity between Brad’s on-screen penchant for shitty food and his god-like body,” says Fred Mora, one of the three founders of Long Prawn. It was only a matter of time before someone had to call him out on it, or rather, celebrate him for it; we wanted to be first to the plate. All of a sudden we had a 50+ page book and there is still a long list of meals and snacks we have not included.”

The 52-page cookbook has been designed by Tristian Ceddia of Melbourne-based studio Never Now and each dish has been shot in a chaotic style by Ben Clement. The dishes, which include Game Bird with Taters and Guiness Gravy and the Bellagio Shrimp Cocktail (inspired by Pitt’s roles in Snatch and Ocean’s 11 respectively), were created and tested by chefs Ali Currey-Voumard and Mietta Coventry.

“We became film-buffs, dieticians and hermits all in one go. We gathered the guts of information from the films, handing them to the talented Ali and Mietta to whip them into delicious renditions of our sometimes lofty ideas,” says Fred. “We knew the idea had legs when we started handing out the book to friends, they would invite us over, chuck on the film’s soundtrack and cook up the creation from the film; of course incessantly forecasting what Brad would do. It was more fun than we had ever imagined.”


Ben Clement: Moneyball for Fat Brad


Ben Clement: Mr & Mrs Smith for Fat Brad


Ben Clement: Mr & Mrs Smith for Fat Brad


Ben Clement: Ocean’s 11 for Fat Brad


Ben Clement: Snatch for Fat Brad


Ben Clement: Nightclub for Fat Brad


Fat Brad