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Feathr.com’s creatively-charged mission to revolutionise the world of wallpaper

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not here to knock big Scandinavian furniture empires, but there’s something about the homegenisation of our homes that’s getting a bit silly now. That’s why we’re always keen to hear about ventures which are tackling this domestic sameness, and Feathr.com is going in all guns blazing.

Working in the previously rather un-cool wallpaper world, Feathr is commissioning artists like Peter Judson, 44Flavours, Ross Schaner, Edward Carvalho-Monaghan and Supermundane to bring their amazing creative sensibilities to bear on this long-maligned decorative staple.

“Selecting the artists you want to work with is as simple as selecting art you’d like to live with. We tap people on the shoulder if we like their shit,” says creative director Oliver Green (who founded Feathr along with husband-and-wife team Tom and Anne Puukko).

“It’s not that we are looking for a certain aesthetic or ‘wallpapery’ vibe. We’re fans of graphic design, photography, type, graffiti, tattoo, sculpture, motion graphics, animation, Viking paintings on the sides of panel vans, cock ’n’ balls on toilet stall doors…. on and on and on.

“We want like minded people – people who just want to FUCKING MAKE SOMETHING. A lot of the artists we have approached said they were keen even before we talked about money. That’s aces to us. Not just because we are a start-up and I’m writing this at my kitchen table – but because it’s a little bit punk. Say YES now and worry about the other shit later.”


Dave Towers for Feathr.com

Feathr’s motto is “More art. Less decoration.” and Oliver is keen to point out that we’re bombarded with the fruits of what the founders call “the decoration ghetto.”

“The Kardashians are decoration. X Factor is decoration. Those chain burger joints that are made to look all olde world that are popping up on every high street are decoration. It’s that background shite that you think you’re impervious to. We are beset by it. It’s thoughtless culture that pesters us and makes us all dumb and lazy. 

“Thankfully the opposite is true. When we are surrounded by things with evidence of thought, wit, humour and generosity of effort it enlivens the culture and us. We love the opportunity wallpaper has to surprise. When a good artist gets a hold of it there’s an immediate juxtaposition and tension in the form before they even start working on ideas.”

And interestingly there will be the chance for up-and-coming artists to have their work taken on by Feathr too with a crowd-sourcing model of discovering new creative talent. Take that mundane uniformity!


Casper Heijkenskjöld for Feathr.com