Field Experiments: Experiment 037 © Field Experiments. Bible – paper, ink

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Product Design: Object porn by way of Field Experiments

The world would be a very, very sad place without beautiful objects. And I’m not referring to enormous oil paintings in the Louvre or really, really expensive and rare furniture in London boutiques – sometimes the more humble the object, the more magic it can contain. This project backs this theory, as it is a jumble of truly beautiful “things” created from discarded materials.

Of course, it helps that these objects have been reimagined by talented designers that have all seemed to have used the paints and inks from the drawer marked “rainbow” – but who cares? Field Experiments has taken three months to complete, and all the materials have been sourced in Bali to explore “how objects could be embedded with a culture and their people, resulting in a collection of objects that shatter the traditional definition of the souvenir.” A simple, effective project with grin-inducing results.


Field Experiments: Experiment 038 – 042 © Field Experiments. Adhoc furniture – plastic, bamboo, twine


Field Experiments: Experiment 029 – 031 © Field Experiments. Still Life Stacks – paint, canvas


Field Experiments: Experiment 104 © Field Experiments. Kite – plastic bags, bamboo, twine


Field Experiments: Experiment 079 © Field Experiments. Totem – limestone, lava rock, wood, paint


Field Experiments: Experiment 108 © Field Experiments. Brush – wood, nylon


Field Experiments: Experiment 119 © Field Experiments. Flag – synthetic dye, cotton


Field Experiments: Experiment 016 © Field Experiments. Thermometer – limestone, paint


Field Experiments: Experiment 110 © Field Experiments. Donut – wood, paint