Four projects from Kickstarter's Make100 initiative which caught our eye

23 January 2017
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In case you missed it, Kickstarter’s Make100 initiative aims to encourage budding creatives to realise their dream projects in 100-run editions, whether 100 songs or 100 zines, 100 cookbooks or 100 collages. Kickstarter wants to give budding creatives a catalyst to make, no matter how large or small their idea.

Since Kickstarter launched their Make100 project, which we wrote about earlier this month, creatives have been beating off the January blues and bringing their passion projects to life. We sifted through the brilliant projects and picked out four which caught our attention.

Katherine Liu’s Make100 project is 4 Questions to Make You Think: A Hand Drawn Quarterly Zine, a collection of four zines, filled with hand drawn interviews and observations centered around one thought-provoking question each quarter. With two weeks to go, Katherine has already trebled her $750 funding goal. “The Make100 challenge was a bit like the final push I needed to make it happen —having the funds for publication and a strong community of supporters is so encouraging and has really made all the difference,” Katherine told It’s Nice That. “Setting a maximum run of 100 copies for each issue is also one of those good limits — it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment. I’m so excited for these first four issues to go out into the world!”


Katherine Liu: 4 Questions to Make You Think: A Hand Drawn Quarterly Zine

Hamburg-based photographer Cladius Schulze, with the help of Dutch designer Sybren Kuipe, is set to turn a project about climate change and natural disasters into a photobook running to 100 signed copies. Featuring scenes from across Europe considering the state of nature in Europe, Cladius explains: “I purchased an old cherry picker, my cat and a 4×5 "large format camera and crisscrossed the continent, travelling about 50,000 km, to expose the extent to which disaster management became part of our landscape. I photographed dikes, dunes, and groins at the North Sea and Atlantic Coast, snow sheds, rockfall barriers, and dams in the Alps and Pyrenees and levees along the big streams.”


Cladius Schulze: State of Nature

Illustrator Seb Burnett pledged that “every day for 100 days I will illustrate a scene from the world of Bertram Fiddle and then combine them in a book.” He’s already reached nearly 200 backers and almost doubled the £4,000 financial target for his project. “I wasn’t considering running another Kickstarter, but when I saw the Make100 idea it seemed like a really good way to push myself creatively and with a really clear target,” Seb tells It’s Nice That. “I’m doing a drawing a day for 100 days. I work in an animation studio all day so it’s nice to get away from the computer and just splodge ink around in the evenings. I can’t believe how well it’s done! It got fully funded within two or three days and I’m getting loads of positive support from followers. Maybe some of the appeal is because it’s so simple: I do 100 drawings, you get a book. I’m excited to see what happens. And it’s definitely helped blow away some post-Christmas doldrums.” 


Seb Burnett: 100 Days of Mystery

2017 rings in the 100th anniversary of the famous Seated Nude by Egon Schiele, so for their Make100 project, print producer Artelema have announced a deluxe, limited edition print, running to 100 posters — naturally.

Learn more about Make 100 here and use this handy worksheet to start planning your own project.


Egon Schiele: Seated Nude, print by Artelema

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