Frau Franz: Untitled

Work / Illustration

Cute and hilarious weirdness from the wonderful Frau Franz

Hey that girl’s sticking her finger into an elf’s butt! That can only mean this is the work of a genius. Sure enough, the drawing I’m referring to is by Frau Franz, the sweetheart of the modern-day comic book industry. Her being handy with a crayon is particularly useful to the rest of the world as it allows her to spill the contents of her brain out on to the paper so we can marvel at it. Cool little guy reclining on a lilo, someone fingering an elf’s butt, a dog woofing at a rainbow cloud lurking in the gutter – where does all this gold come from? At the moment Frau’s living in Berlin doing freelance illustration for cash, and is a living and breathing inspiration to those who have funny, silly and sometimes gross thoughts all over the world.


Frau Franz: Agency Model


Frau Franz: SE Art Paperback


Frau Franz: Duendelandia


Frau Franz: Duendelandia


Frau Franz: O’Wabblos first years


Frau Franz: Untitled