Frederik Heyman: Mercedes Benz

Work / Fashion

Bonkers but brilliant art direction here from Frederik Heyman

It’s not often you get confronted with a body of work that have the visual equivalent of a cold glass of juice in the morning, but Frederik’s got it down. In his delightfully weird body of work, Frederik boasts fantastical hand-made sets complete with urine-based props alongside some very, very crisp high-end fashion campaigns. Not content on just getting beautiful models to do the visual job for him, Frederik shoves cigars in their mouths, paints horses on to them, or elongates their arms into big meaty tubes. Seeing a guy who’s this good at what he does but with a big element of “I’ll do whatever the hell I want” is refreshing, hilarious and very impressive. Read a fantastic interview with the man himself over on Zero One Magazine.


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