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Bradley Zero has made us a very special Carnival-themed mix

Most of London is dirty and smelly all year round, but lovely, pretty west London really only gets a good old fashioned soiling once a year for the Notting Hill Carnival. The August bank holiday is here and yes, it’s Carnival time. We were going to make an in-house mix but then we realised what a bad idea that was (we tend to listen to things like Bob Dylan and that weird song by Bill Wyman). In our panic we asked south London DJ Bradley Zero to help us out, and he’s given us a well-informed mix of songs to take us through until terrible Tuesday. He also included some snaps of his time in Dominica to go with the mix he’s put together, which you can see below.

“Here’s some pictures of me in Dominica, which essentially is my Afro-Caribbean Carnival roots,” Bradley told us. “Carnival is a big thing there, and my Granny (who is Dominican) still walks along with the Soca float in Leeds Carnival at 94 years old.”

Bradley’s the founder of Rhythm Section, is a Boiler Room host and a broadcaster on NTS Radio – you can check out his (many) different accolades over on his site. Enjoy Notting Hill Carnival everyone!


Bradley Zero: “This is the boiling lake in the Valley of Desolation.”


Bradley Zero: “This is Keith, a Rasta and part of the native Kalinago community who live in the north east of the island.”


Bradley Zero: “Local street art in Salisbury.”


Bradley Zero and his Granny


Bradley Zero: Notting Hill Carnival