Work / Friday Mixtape

Mixtape: This Friday we are handing over our weekly Mixtape to NTS Radio!

From time to time we’re going to be handing over our Friday Mixtape to friends of ours so they can share their musical inspiration with you, our dear readers/listeners. First up we are delighted to welcome the fine folk of NTS Radio, and in particular Heather Weil, one of those behind the fortnightly show Black Impulse. She is on a mission to broaden your audio horizons, so over to her…

“I’m a graphic designer, occasional writer and although there’s a wide array, my record collection primarily focuses on prog, heavy psych and 1970s-80s punk and hardcore, which are most of the focus in this mix.

“These are three really difficult genres to make accessible and sell the idea to others, especially since the reputation associated with prog is often by word of mouth and not exploring it. There’s nothing to fear, it’s not gruesome as it’s made out to be and I hope that there’s at least one song here that resonates with you. 

“This mix culminates what I listen to day-to-day (while the office I work in drones to repetitive commercial FM radio). So, here’s 30 songs, encompassing just under two hours of music to get you through your Friday.”

NTS – Black Impulse – It's Nice That podcast by Nts Radio on Mixcloud