Fruit sticker year planner by Kelly Angood rewards your five a day

22 November 2016

Designer and creator of the Fruit Stickers Instagram account Kelly Angood has created the Fruit Sticker Year Planner. Beautifully designed and silkscreened, and launched via Kickstarter, the calendar is the next stage in her obsession with these mini works of graphic design, which she has been collecting for years.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve collected them,” Kelly says, “often quite subconsciously, just sticking them to the back or notebooks, my phone or laptop. It wasn’t until I’d racked up a couple of hundred that I realised I had a collection. That’s when I started noticing how different all of the stickers were, and when I started isolating them on a white background to start focusing on the amazing and varied designs. I love how taking them out of their expected environment helps people adjust their focus.”

Most are “the classic oval” Kelly says, but once she started digging she found stickers of all shapes and sizes, and some of her favourites are shown here. She holds a particular penchant for the leaf-shaped ones, often found on her holidays in Spain and “almost always stuck onto oranges”.

“I love how despite coming from different growers they all seem to have a similar graphic and be printed in virtually the same green. I’m yet to discover if there is just one designer who has cornered the Spanish orange sticker market, or if there is some kind of fruit sticker template they are working from.”

Other highlights of her collection include the Dole Bananimals range, which the company ran for three years in the late 1980s in the US, and in that time apparently distributed over 100 million stickers. “They are on the knife edge of cute and mildly sexual,” Kelly jokes.

According to collectors, there are around 65,000 fruit sticker designs around the world, so plenty of fodder to keep the Instagram account (which has 16,000 followers) going. Meanwhile the Kickstarter has already reached its target with two weeks to go – proof that the stickers have widespread appeal.

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