Fumi Koike:

Work / Art

Let Fumi Koike’s cosy illustrations get you genuinely excited for some chilly weather!

Remember the feeling when you’ve come in from the cold and your hands have got chilblains, your cheeks are red and your toes are numb, but then one bite of a crumpet or a sip of sugary tea just defrosts you in the dreamiest way ever? Well, Fumi Koike seems to have latched on to that feeling and managed to illustrate it in this wonderful series of paintings. Big wooden beds, eggs for breakfast and cold hands around hot mugs are just some of the seasonal imagery featured in her work, not forgetting the brilliant collection of dog paintings on her Flickr page. So thank you Fumi, you have come along just in time to make us genuinely excited for the imminent cold weather. Hoorah!


Fumi Koike: Her Trench Coat


Fumi Koike: Good Morning


Fumi Koike: New Years Card


Fumi Koike: SKI-KEN


Fumi Koike: Summer Day


Fumi Koike: The Most Sentimental Season


Fumi Koike: Her Red Muffler


Fumi Koike: Denim