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Gabrielle Rosenstein animates a psychedelic Gucci editorial for Novembre Magazine

With a brief to interpret the current fashion scene, Gabrielle Rosenstein’s latest offering for Novembre Magazine depicts Gucci’s SS17 looks in the form of psychedelic gifs and anime spreads. “Novembre Magazine focuses on art and beauty by connecting artists together in a collaborative sense,” says Gabrielle. “The Gucci editorial presented for the site became a great platform to lose my gif virginity.”

Gabrielle began her artistic endeavours early in elementary school, where she privately drew her friends as dogs. “The sketches were totally chaotic, superimposed and full of drama and tragedy. My parents encouraged my imagination at a young age by providing me with ‘do it yourself’ illustration books,” she tells It’s Nice That. Steering away from canine drawings, Gabrielle has fully embraced her artistic style through her perception of modern life combined with a “kiss of anime.” Featuring female characters that evoke an “effortless attitude” and “static enthusiasm for style”, the collaboration with Novembre Magazine came as a defining moment in her career.

“Besides the obvious inspiration from the Gucci SS17 looks pulled by Georgia Pendlebury, I watched the Gucci fashion shows in Milan countless times for research. The music direction by Steve Mackey became the momentum for the animations to be seductively innocent: poetry, violins, rain, seagulls and roses,” says Gabrielle. “I aimed to animate a psychedelic atmosphere set around dreamy highborn night crawlers, red fog, smoke and rain. I’m currently experimenting with saturating my passion of anime into my illustrative style.”

Digital illustration is her forte; it’s a realm where she pulls together artificial textures and figurative characters in a place that’s elegant, vibrant and full of life. The Gucci editorial is her first animated series, but certainly won’t be her last: “The entire spread challenged me to look deeper at perspective and rhythm,” she says. “I must admit that experiencing my 2D work pop to life is so satisfactory that I’m inspired to generate more complex animations.”


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Gucci


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Gucci


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Gogo


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Gucci


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Chanel


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Redhood


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Chalayan


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Headshot


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Gucci


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Red Power


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Gucci


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Sunny


Gabrielle Rosenstein: Gucci