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Digital: Brush up on your coding skills with a tailored course at General Assembly

For most of us the world of coding seems wholly impenetrable. We know how to navigate the internet and any number of applications but haven’t the slightest clue how they’re all built. In fact the very notion of building anything digitally seems frankly terrifying. But we’ve got news for you, it doesn’t need to be like that – digital technology is here to stay and it’s probably about time you got to know your front end from your back, your UI from your UX and your HTML5 from your CSS3.

Which is where General Assembly come in. Established in New York in 2011 they’re a global educational institution focussed on providing tailored education to those looking to brush up on their coding skill, through classes, workshops, full-time immersive programmes and online educational programming.

So whether you’re looking to learn more about front-end web development, need a leg-up in the world of user experience design, or want to completely change career paths by taking an immersive course and qualifying as a full-time UX designer, the guys at General Assembly most likely have a course for you. And it’s not just tech geeks that are catered for, these courses are tailored to graphic designers, creative directors, journalists, architects and recent graduates.

For more information about what General Assembly has to offer, check out their list of programmes, or head down to their campus for one of their introductory free events.


General Assembly


General Assembly


General Assembly