Sam Bailey, Cecilia Serafini and Kelly Anna say VOTE

7 June 2017

This time tomorrow, polling stations across the UK will be opening their doors. Don’t know where your polling station is? Find out here. Lost your polling card? You don’t need it. Still need convincing? We called on three more UK-based creatives – Sam Bailey, Kelly Anna and Cecilia Serafini – to help.

Self-taught South London-based designer and illustrator Sam Bailey’s youth-focused vision caught our gaze earlier this Spring, and hopefully his poster will stick in your mind all the way to the polling booth tomorrow. “I wanted the image to be as direct as possible, to stress how important it is to vote in this election,” Sam says. “Post-Brexit, it feels like an especially pressing moment to ensure we all have our say, particularly young people whom have a statistically low turn out. Having just returned from a trip to Tokyo, I’ve been looking at a lot of Tadanori Yokoo’s work, who managed to communicate social and political opinions in posters and collages. I also looked to political cartoons in newspapers, which is the inspiration behind the hands.”

Freelance artist and print designer Kelly Anna has already worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Cara Delevingne, Foals and London Grammar. “The original slogan is based around the notion of living careless and free, an idealism we all dream of,” the designer explains of her poster. “However if the responsibility of voting is not taken seriously – the young can never hope to obtain this pathway to freedom. This image signifies the empowerment available to us, through voting – an immense duty we must uphold in order to create a future we want to live in.”

We’ve been closely tracking the rise of graphic designer Cecilia Serafini for a while now. From an MA in Graphic Design at LCC, she’s worked her way to a job for music platform Boiler Room. “In my country of origin Argentina, voting is mandatory and it happens on a Sunday,” Cecilia explains. “When I think about voting I remember walking to a nearby school on a sunny morning (it’s mostly sunny in Argentina, at least in my mind), queuing for a while, proudly casting my vote and going back home to have lunch with my family. Overall voting days have a very positive energy- celebrating democracy feels particularly special in a society that experienced a military dictatorship in recent history. I created an upbeat and bold image that reflects my personal experience with voting and will hopefully persuade others to make their voices be heard on the 8th.”


Kelly Anna


Cecilia Serafini

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