Geneviève Gauckler: Volkskrant Magazine

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Illustration: Take our hand and come into the world of Geneviève Gauckler (at last)

It doesn’t happen that often, but occasionally we come across a creative talent who is tremendously familiar to us but who for some baffling reason we have never celebrated on the site. So it is with French illustrator and character designer Geneviève Gauckler, whose work has cropped up in group shows but who has never been feted in her own right – until now. Ciitng the title sequence of Flipper as one of her major inspirations, Geneviève creates characters that snap, crackle and pop with vibrancy and personality, leaping off the print or magazine cover to frolic in the farthest reaches of your imagination.

There’s a heap of great stuff in her portfolio; we picked some recent examples of her work but it’s well worth getting lost in there as and when you have some time.


Geneviève Gauckler: Then x Ten for Herman Miller Asian Pacific


Geneviève Gauckler: Leg Up


Geneviève Gauckler: Spring Trees for L’Attrape-Rêve


Geneviève Gauckler: Varoom #21