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The art inspired creations of Bristol-based George Greaves

Graphic designer George Greaves creates work that’s inspired by architecture and the built environments, drawing on influences that include Georgio De Chico, David Hockney, Matisse, Magritte and Escher. “Though it sounds cliche I find inspiration from almost anything visual, also being able to see instantly what other artists are up to through Instagram really motivates me,” says George. “I find it all sort of filters in and manifests itself in my work.”

Bristol-based George studied illustration and visual communication at Westminster University and, after a stint working outside of the creative industry, has focused on producing creative projects for the past year and a half. The careful composition of his artworks and bold graphic style has seen George produce works for the likes of Crack,Tom Dixon and posters for Soulworks Bristol. Working almost exclusively in Photoshop, George relies on his instincts when creating images. “My creative process is very intuitive, I usually start with a vague idea and just see where it takes me,” he says.

As for the year ahead: “I’m working on a lot of stuff with Printed Goods a design company I set up with my twin brother, who is also an illustrator and that is producing interesting results,” he says. “I’m always working on my personal work and I plan to create on some more zines.”


George Greaves: Bounce


George Greaves: Posters


George Greaves: Jungle


George Greaves: Looking Out


George Greaves: Midday Sun


George Greaves: Postcard for Art is Hard


George Greaves: Soundworks posters


George Greaves: Throwing Shade


George Greaves: Tom Dixon