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Ben West and Felix Heyes’ Google Image Book – someone had to do it

Google images has been a source of unexpected hilarity for years now, and we’re so used to getting results we never really expected – we’ve all been there, who knew a “lemon party” was anything other than what it says on the tin? – that it’s become totally commonplace and is now just an irreplaceable part of our lives.

Graphic designers Felix Heyes and Ben West, (kind of celebrated even by by The Daily Mail,) have been spending their time collating the first Google image result for every word in the dictionary (somewhere in the region of 21,000) and binding it in a weighty, magnificent book that may or may not represent our present culture in the most simple way possible. The result? A book of bad photography, images that don’t relate to their titles, and a whole load of pornography.

The refreshing thing about the work of Felix and Ben is their attitude to projects which kind of validates the ‘artist’ label. Daringly straddling the gap between conceptual art, contemporary culture and social commentary yet still with a truly trendy edge, these two are graphic designers on the road to greatness. As Vince from Liverpool commented on the Daily Mail article: ‘Art!…Pffft’