Grace Danico: Climbing the Ladder to Success

Work / Illustration

Lashings of pizza and sourdough served up by illustrator Grace Danico

A big pile of cheerful, foodie fun for you this morning courtesy of Grace Danico (who is "available for freelance, karaoke, and dates revolving around music, pizza, fried chicken, and ice cream) is a food-inspired illustrator hailing from across the pond in New York.

Grace’s illustration happily depicts the sheer, unadulterated joy that can be brought on by a good bit of fast food. Remember the last time you had pizza and cried? Exactly. Ice creams, sourdough, oranges, pizzas, bacon and many more hidden treats can be found lurking amongst Grace’s fun, summery sketches. So have a browse through this collection of hilarious images, and then get on that phone and call your friends — it’s KFC bucket night tonight.


Grace Danico: The Many Personalities of Fruit


Grace Danico: Tower of Power


Grace Danico:


Grace Danico: Ooh!


Grace Danico: Pattern Parade


Grace Danico: The Many Personalities of Fruit