Alex Sullivan: Y.C.O Records

Work / Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Alex Sullivan’s prints are on the really good side of trendy

He’s a tad mysterious but Alex Sullivan’s bold graphic design suggests he’s a pretty fun man. Judging by the fact that most of his designs are for lo-fi films, underground music and record labels, we can almost guarantee that Alex is quite cool, which is pretty refreshing seeing as a lot of the time people who design stuff for labels and indie films can be a tad pretentious. None of that over here though; his pieces are a perfect blend of retro-inspired, well-informed graphic design that we loved the minute we saw it. His series for City Bass in particular is a very, very impressive.


Alex Sullivan: The Great Lake Predator poster


Alex Sullivan: City Bass


Alex Sullivan: City Bass


Alex Sullivan: City Bass


Alex Sullivan: City Bass


Alex Sullivan: Graded Records, logo