Work / Graphic Design

Manita Songserm disregards the rules to create unruly and intriguing work

Bangkok-based designer Manita Songserm uses type to create layered compositions that feel they are moments from descending into chaos. Overstretched type and a disregard for order is common in her work that would cause purists and obssessives sleepless nights. Manita’s portfolio includes poster designs and exhibition graphics for Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre and a special festival edition of a Bangkok arts zine Bookmoby. Her self initiated Typewriter Project is a series of diagrams composed of individual characters that could be read simultaneously as a postmodern poem and as a drawing. Manita creates tense visual complexity with her disruptive approach that demands multiple reading without clouding what needs to be communicated.


Manita Songserm: Poster, BACC, 2015


Manita Songserm: DRIFT #3 – Accident, Poster, 2015


Manita Songserm: “Future” Poster Exhibition, Chiang Mai Design Week 2014


Manita Songserm: The Art(-ist), Artwork for The Jam Factory Magazines – Issue 11, October 2015


Manita Songserm: Run & Learn Projects & Art Guide Thailand, Book, 2015


Manita Songserm: Always, Poster, 2015 (on Fictions Typografika)


Manita Songserm: Run & Learn Projects & Art Guide Thailand, Book, 2015