Eps51: M4 Models SedCards January 2013

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Graphic Design: A bunch of great guys designing incredible stuff in Berlin, meet Eps51

Wow! This is such nice work. Visual identities, posters, books and brochures have never looked so cutting edge and friendly at the same time. Eps51 (cool name) have the great ability to be able to combine classic, historic imagery and typography with modern flourishes to build up one of the richest portfolios I’ve seen in ages. Not only is it rich, it’s really interesting. With a lot of design portfolios you get an idea that they’re “cool” and everything but you don’t necessarily see the substance behind the nice fades and gilded type. The Eps51 site gives you a friendly, informative blurb about each one of their worthwhile projects that convey not just a hell of a lot of design knowledge, but also a true passion for what they do. The bonus is that they’re looking for freelancers, go, go, go!


Eps51: Right-To-Left Exhibition


Eps51: In Search of Europe?


Eps51: In Search Of Europe?


Eps51: M4 Models SedCards January 2013


Eps51: M4 Models SedCards January 2013


Eps51: How to disappear


Eps51: Record Reframe Resist


Eps51: Palais Club 2012


Eps51: Transient Spaces