Erik Marinovich: Brrrrr

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Graphic Design: Typographers with too much time on their hands? Meet the fantastic Friends of Type

If you’re into hand-drawn type then look away now in case you wet yourself with excitement. A quick visit to collaborative blog Friends of Type last week was enough to show us that they have been very busy in the last few years since we posted about them. Well, when I say busy I don’t mean busy as in staring at a screen all day like a chump, but busy making beautiful letter-pressed posters and examples of swooping, colourful letterforms.

Some people have all the luck, eh? FOT collaborator Erik Marinovich has been particularly immersed in making some of the best hand-drawn type examples, leading the way with a whole bunch of diverse work including that winner of an image above in which he carved the letter “B” out of a massive pile of snow. How cool is that? Hats off to the rest of the crew too (Aaron Carambula, Dennis Payongayong and Jason Wong) for proving, once more, that hand-made, collaged or pencil-marked work looks so incredibly lovely on a big fat screen. Keep up the good work, lads!


Erik Marinovich: Warning Sign


Erik Marinovich: Eames Remix


Erik Marinovich: The Golden State


Erik Marinovich: Positive Swearword No.2


Erik Marinovich: Pepperoni on my Mind


Jason Wong: Industrious


Erik Marinovich: Totally Nude


Erik Marinovich: Brrrrr